Wednesday, 21 June 2017


So I took sometime today meditating on my failures and successes and I discovered how I am and some of my mistakes in the past, and I ask myself. Is this the person I have always dream't of being?

But then am not the person I want to be, am not even close to being the person I have always dream't off. You see my friends, you do not need to start from the top, you need not all the skills in the world to become what you dream't of being.

You need YOU the most, just be YOU + CONSISTENCE + TIME + FOCUS and PATIENT. When consistence meet PRACTICE and FOCUS then any dream should be achievable in TIME, just hold on to your dream, adjust from your past mistake to suits your future ambition.

Your dreams won’t work until you work it out, just like in physics ‘’your every action equal every reaction’’ practice makes perfection.

Don’t give up, take ACTION
Tosan king
Tosan king

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