Thursday, 22 June 2017


I was having a nice conversation some 
hours ago with my colleagues at work. When one of them said ‘’ some people are naturally born to be lesser being, why some are born to be rich and powerful. 
I then pause and thought about it, then I realize that some people fail to realize that greatness reside in them, even if you try to convince them,  they never even want to think about it because they have a fixed mindset.

Some people don’t even know who they are, they think less of themselves. But there is greatness in every man, you can only limit yourself when you fail to realize that positive mindset can only produce positive result in their business, jobs etc.

Some people see themselves as being ordinary, born to serve others, lesser being. But" no everyone is unique in their own way, and there is limitless possibilities abound on every man’s inside.

This is not a motivational massage, but a reality, just BELIEVE in your inner strength.

4ward Ever.  
Tosan king
Tosan king

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