Monday, 8 May 2017


Do not pretend to love others. Really love them Rom 12:9. God has called us unto life of services as believers. When we then serve, it should be done sincerely. Our motive should be pure, for God sees our heart and discerns our innermost thoughts Heb 4:12.

Service without siren is another key rule for service as a believers. Matt 6:2 helps us understand that when charitable deeds are done, you do not go around bragging about it to other people. Look for God to reward you and not people. When people reward you today, they take the glory and remember, God share his glory with no man, so be careful my brethren.

Finally, serve with focus. Some believers want to serve  in every department of the church, you can’t be everywhere at a time. While Paul was called for service unto the Gentiles, Peter was called for service unto the Jews. Apostle Paul was even stopped by God at a time from going into Asia to preach and redirected in a vision to go to Macedonia. Believers need  to serve with God’s direction. When he is the one that sent you, He provides victuals for the journey.
Tosan king
Tosan king

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